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How to avoid being thigh chafed in Hot Weather

How to Avoid Being Thigh Chafed in Hot Weather

How to Avoid Being Thigh Chafed in Hot Weather

Thigh Chafed

When your thighs rub against each other, they can cause itchy, irritated, and painful sensations known as chafing. It can affect people of all shapes and sizes, and is often worse in hot weather.

Prevention of Thigh Chafing

The most common way to prevent thigh chafing is to wear appropriate clothing, such as loose-fitting clothing with smooth seams, moisture-wicking fabrics, or shorts. It's also a good idea to drink plenty of water and to keep the area dry after exercise, as this will help reduce friction.

How Society Feels About Thigh Chafing

The annoyance of thigh chafing is not something that most people like to talk about, but it doesn't have to be a constant pain. According to board-certified dermatologist Brooke Jackson, a few simple steps can prevent it from happening.

1. Wear Dress Shorts or Shorts Under dresses

When wearing dresses or skirts, it's a good idea to wear shorts under them as these can prevent the thighs from rubbing together, and you can also avoid that cringey pant-flashing moment you get when the summer breeze catches your legs.

2. Protective Gear That Stops Thigh Chafing

There are many different types of protective gear that can help keep the thighs protected from chafing, such as thigh bands or pads. They're great for preventing chafing but not very practical. Anti-chafing shorts are available in various styles, ranging from boxer shorts to athletic chub rub shorts and beautiful slip shorts which can act as an accessory to a dress.  There are even some shorts to stop thigh chaffing with pockets!

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Meet our founder: CarrieRae

Undersummers Shortlettes were created CarrieRae's personal need for comfortable thigh protection when she was working as a teacher. In 2011, her thick thighs rubbed and she needed a comfortable solution.  Pants are blazing hot in the Houston spring/summer months, shorts are not acceptable to wear to work, so she was left with capris and dresses.  Her thighs did not support wearing dresses, thigh chafing was too uncomfortable.  The idea of wearing a breezy dress sounded so comfortable to her, that she created the solution to her problem:  The Original Lace Shortlette®️. She wanted something to wear that was a single layer, the legs stayed put, comfy, and most importantly, pretty.

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