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Shortlette Slip Shorts for Women to Wear Under Dresses

Instant Thigh Solutions

Experience the life-changing power of our shortlette slipshorts. For over a decade, women have embraced our seamless inner thigh design, finding unmatched comfort and durability.

no pinch boyshort brief for women

No More Pinching

Our briefs are designed to make you look and feel amazing. No more visible panty lines. No more pinching. Both Cotton & Moisture Wicking Available.

High Waist Yoga Pant Jogger 28" - Undersummers by CarrieRae

24/7 Comfort

Thoughtfully designed jogger with the stretch and comfort waist of a yoga pant to wear everyday without thigh chafe.

Lux Cotton Collection by Undersummers

Unbeatable Natural Softness

Unparalleled softness and comfort for day and night time wear in sustainable cotton modal.

Women Owned Small Business

CarrieRae created the Shortlette, anti chafing shorts, in
2011 because of her own need for functional and comfortable thigh
protection. A Speech Pathologist for 15 years, she was used to floor
time, uncomfortable tiny chairs, and steamy, hot recess activities. She
longed to wear professional, comfortable clothes. Shorts and capris were
out of dress code, so dresses were the natural choice. However, the
dreaded thigh chafe stopped her in her tracks!

Out of pain and
need, CarrieRae created the functional stay-put-leg Shortlette,®️ under
dress short, that protected her legs all day long, no matter what her
students had in store for her. Her legs were comfy, her bottom covered,
and she was finally happy with her wardrobe!

After much
success with the Shortlette, CarrieRae is now obsessed with
exceptionally soft fabrics & comfortable fits that will become your
new favorite everyday closet staples. is located in Conroe, TX USA.

Women owned. Military family. Small business.

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Happiness Guarantee

We want you to love your Undersummers undergarments and be comfortable.  If your first purchase of a Shortlette or Undergarment isn’t quite right, we will send you one free replacement in the size & style we recommend based on your measurements.  *Offer excludes Clearance or Final Sale Items.

Our Expanded Collection

At Undersummers, we are on a mission to revolutionize how women perceive and embrace their bodies. Our journey began with our groundbreaking product, the Shortlette, designed to offer comfort, functionality, and a newfound sense of confidence. Over the years, our commitment to empowering women to love their bodies as they are has led us to expand our product line, offering an array of solutions that redefine beauty standards and promote self-acceptance.

The Shortlette Revolution

Undersummers started as a small venture with a big dream. We introduced the Shortlette, and it quickly became a game-changer in the world of lingerie. This remarkable creation was more than just a product; it was a movement, a symbol of body positivity. The Shortlette was designed to prevent chafing and provide ultimate comfort, empowering women to wear their favorite dresses and skirts without any discomfort or self-consciousness. It was the beginning of something beautiful.

Expanding the Empowerment

Witnessing the transformative impact of our Shortlette on women's lives, we were inspired to do more. Undersummers decided to broaden our product range to encompass an even wider array of solutions, all aimed at fostering a sense of empowerment and self-love. Here are some of our exceptional additions:

1. Yoggers: Our Yoggers (Joggers + Yoga Pants) offer a perfect blend of comfort and support. They enhance your natural beauty and make you feel amazing in your skin.

2. Lounge Pants: For those cozy evenings at home, Undersummers' lounge pants are the epitome of comfort and style. You can relax without any pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards.

3. Camisoles: Our camisoles are more than just undergarments. They are designed to boost your confidence and make you feel gorgeous, both inside and out.

Promoting Self-Love and Body Positivity

Our commitment to promoting self-love and body positivity extends far beyond our product offerings. We are actively engaged in social media campaigns where we share inspiring stories of women who have found confidence and embraced their bodies, often with the help of Undersummers' products.

We collaborate with influencers and body-positive activists who share our vision of a world where women don't feel pressured to change their bodies to fit predefined ideals of beauty. Our message is crystal clear: You are beautiful just as you are, and Undersummers' products are here to make you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

Customer Love

The heartwarming stories we receive from our customers are a testament to the impact Undersummers has had on their lives. Women of all shapes and sizes have found comfort, confidence, and empowerment through our products. Many have shared their inspiring journeys, demonstrating how Undersummers has played a pivotal role in their path to self-acceptance.

In conclusion, Undersummers is not just a brand; it's a movement. We are committed to empowering women to love their bodies without change by offering functional and comfortable clothing solutions and spreading a message of self-love and body positivity. Our journey, from the creation of the signature Shortlette to a full range of empowering products, reflects our unwavering dedication to making women feel incredible in their own skin. If you're seeking more than just lingerie or loungewear, Undersummers is the brand that stands for self-acceptance and empowerment.

Our Founder

CarrieRae Munson, MS CCC-SLP is an inspiring entrepreneur, Certified Speech Language Pathologist visionary designer, and suicide prevention advocate best known as the founder and CEO of Undersummers, a unique company focused on creating comfortable, stylish, and functional undergarments for women of all shapes and sizes.

In 2020, she co-founded FOB Rasor a suicide prevention peer support program for veterans and first responders with her husband, retired Marine Jeff Shilanski.

Her journey to success has been marked by chronic illness, mental health battles, and alcohol and drug addiction. CarrieRae’s story is one of hope, gratitude, and service.

CarrieRae is an active mentor in the entrepreneurship and military family communities and enjoys speaking on wellness, executive functioning in the workplace, and suicide prevention.

Our goal is to empower women to love and embrace their thighs. Dressing to FEEL beautiful is what we do best.