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Shortlettes with Pockets



women owned small business

CarrieRae created the Shortlette in 2011 because of her own need for functional and comfortable thigh protection. A Speech Pathologist for 15 years, she was used to floor time, uncomfortable tiny chairs, and steamy, hot recess activities. She longed to wear professional, comfortable clothes. Shorts and capris were out of dress code, so dresses were the natural choice. However, the dreaded thigh chafe stopped her in her tracks!

Out of pain and need, CarrieRae created the functional stay-put-leg Shortlette®️ that protected her legs all day long, no matter what her students had in store for her. Her legs were comfy, her bottom covered, and she was finally happy with her wardrobe!

After much success with the Shortlette, CarrieRae is now obsessed with exceptionally soft fabrics & comfortable fits that will become your new favorite everyday closet staples. is located in Conroe, TX USA

Introducing ODNA exceptional underwear for men. Available to all who dare to be outstanding. A new brand by CarrieRae.


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