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Lux Cotton Shortlette 9" | Anti Chafe Shorts - Undersummers

Lux Cotton Shortlette 9" | Anti Chafe Shorts

Buttery Soft | Natural Cotton | Comfortable | 24/7 Protection
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Anti Chafe Shorts

It's important to keep your legs cool during the summer.

Anything that can irritate your skin can cause chafing. The best way to avoid chafing is to wear anti-chafe shorts to keep your legs from rubbing together.
What to wear

An anti-chafing short is essential if you are one of those women who avoids summer dresses or skirts because of thigh rub. These seamless shorts come in many lengths and fabrics. They are stylish, comfortable, and protect your thighs.

These are great for layering under shirts and jeans for extra comfort.

These can be worn with almost any skirt or dress and are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. They are made of a blend spandex and nylon to provide stretchability and a seamless look.
They are so fashionable!

Anti chafe shorts are the perfect summer fashion purchase if you love to wear skirts and dresses but hate the chafe. They can be worn under your favorite midi dress, or as a casual tee and jeans combination.

Thigh rub, also known by chub rub, can be a problem for women of all sizes and shapes. Although it can be particularly uncomfortable if you are wearing a skirt or dress to cover your thighs, it can also happen any time of the year.

There are many options to stop thigh chafing. If you want something discreet, anti-chafe shorts are the best choice.
The best of summer

A great pair of anti-chafe shorts can make a huge difference in your style choices. A good pair of anti chafe pants can make a big difference if you have chub rub. This is basically the burning sensation that occurs when you wear skirts or dresses.

You want to choose a pair that's comfortable and flexible enough to allow for full movement. They should also be soft and smooth so that they don't dig into your skin.

Undersummers' breathable and moisture-wicking shorts are ultra soft and sweat-wicking. They will keep you dry and cool no matter what you do. The soft, silky fabric is made to move with you without causing skin irritation.

They have a cotton-lined inner leg for hygiene. You can choose from a range of sizes and colors, including Small to 5X Plus.
Thigh chafing

Thigh chafing is a problem that can affect anyone who loves to wear dresses and skirts this summer. Thigh chafing is usually caused by skin-on skin friction. It can cause irritation, redness, bleeding, and crusting.

There are some things you can do that will help to prevent this from happening. The first is to wear the right clothes to reduce friction.

You can also add powdered dry lubricant to your inner thighs. This will reduce friction between your thighs, clothing, and the skin.

The best anti-chafing shorts are a great way of preventing this from happening. These shorts are made of a mix of polyester and high-tech fabrics. They are designed to wick sweat away to prevent your legs from sticking together.

You can choose from a variety of styles and lengths to find the right pair for you. For those with shorter hemlines, you can either choose a longer-lined short that will fit under maxi or midi-length garments or a shorter one.

Why Shortlettes aka Slipshorts?

Slipshorts are full coverage women’s underwear designed for maximum coverage underneath long, flowy skirts and dresses. They are a great way to protect your legs from chafing and keep itchy or uncomfortable fabrics off of your skin. They also add an element of modesty by lightly
smoothing out contours and dimples on your skin.

They are also great for layering. They are comfortable, stretchy and stay in place all day long.

They are great under skirts, dresses, jeans and more - especially if they feature a higher waistline. They can even be worn under swimwear to give you more leg coverage.

The best ones offer a sleek, smooth design with minimal constriction. They also have a high-waisted design that
allows you to streamline your legs and lift your bum for a flattering look you will never tire.

These are also a good option to
protect your favorite dress or skirt from heat rash that can occur when your thighs rub together. They’re made of moisture-wicking fabric and
are available in many different colors to match your wardrobe.

What are the Best Anti-Chafing Slip Shorts?

Undersummers offers a wide selection of anti-chafing slip shorts in many different sizes to fit most body types. These are especially beneficial to those who cycle, walk or do other strenuous activity that can cause thigh chafing.

They come in a range of colors, sizes and styles from biker shorts to swimwear and lingerie. They even have underwear built in to make them even more convenient!

They are a great choice for those who like the look of skirts, but don’t want the pain of chafing.

They are also great for those who have sensitive skin and need extra protection from sweat and odors. You can find anti-chafing slip shorts
for every budget, so you’re sure to find a pair that is right for you.