Women's Boxer Briefs

Women's Boxer Briefs

Womens Boxers - The Perfect Fit Matters!

There are many different types of womens underwear that you can choose from. Some women swear by thong underwear, while others insist that high waisted underwear is the best. Regardless of which type of underwear you choose, there is one thing that you must remember - the perfect fit matters!

Benefits of Wearing a Long Legged Underwear for Women

The benefits of wearing a long legged underwear for women are numerous. Not only are they extremely comfortable to wear all day, but they also help prevent chafing and wedgies. Plus, they keep you from getting irritated and prone to infection.

How to Wear Womens Boxers

A great pair of womens boxers will have a stay put waistband that won't ride up or leave any marks when you sit down. Ideally, you should find boxers that are made of silky soft fabric and have the ability to stretch as needed. This will ensure that your womens boxers fit well and won't feel constricted or sloppy after hours of use.

Whether you are looking for solid black or multi-colored patterns, finding womens boxers that have the right amount of comfort and flexibility will make sure you are able to wear them as long as you need. It's also a great idea to have a couple of solid color options so that you can switch them up depending on what mood you are feeling in the moment.

There are several reasons that many girls are choosing to wear mens boxers instead of classic womens underwear. Some are simply wanting to be different, while others are looking for extra coziness in the fall and winter.

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Re-Imagining Men's Boxers for Women

Every woman is different when it comes to underwear preferences. Some women prefer barely there options like a thong, other women prefer a full coverage bottom. Some women prefer something with more coverage like a high waist or a bit of a leg like a boy short. Up until recently women who prefer a longer leg where stuck with only men's boxers. At Undersummers, we would like those women to rethink wearing men's boxers and switch into a women's boxer brief or slip short underwear. Designs for women will fit and function even better than a men's brief.

Women's boxers come in many different styles. Styles that are more athletic or gender neutral are often called women's boxers, women's boxer briefs, or Woxers. Styles that are more feminine are often called Slip Shorts or Shortlettes. Both function similarly and provide comfortable underwear coverage for women.
Women can wear boxer brief style underwear

Women like to wear boxers because they are comfortable

Boxer briefs fit like athletic shorts with a longer leg so there is lots of room for comfort. If you are a women who hates bunching underwear or tight form fitting briefs, boxers are a great choice. They are loose and comfortable.

2 Women like extra coverage

Women's boxer briefs and slip short underwear provide full coverage especially when worn as shorts for under dresses. Extra coverage of a women's boxer briefs also can protect from stickiness when sitting.

3 Boxers stop chafing and wedgies

Women's boxers and slip shorts protect the thighs from chafing while also covering the bum from unexpected peek a boos. They also stay in place which stops uncomfortable wedgies

4 Boxers and slip shorts can be worn as lounge wear or on their own

Panties and briefs can be a bit revealing when lounging at home but a boxer brief or slip short provide more comfortable coverage when around the house with family

5 Boxer briefs & Slip Shorts can be long underwear

Wearing women's boxer briefs and slip shorts as long underwear can be warm and cozy on cool days and nights because they are an extra layer. We recommend looking for a cotton version for extra warmth.

Why Shortlettes aka Slipshorts?

Slipshorts are full coverage women’s underwear designed for maximum coverage underneath long, flowy skirts and dresses. They are a great way to protect your legs from chafing and keep itchy or uncomfortable fabrics off of your skin. They also add an element of modesty by lightly
smoothing out contours and dimples on your skin.

They are also great for layering. They are comfortable, stretchy and stay in place all day long.

They are great under skirts, dresses, jeans and more - especially if they feature a higher waistline. They can even be worn under swimwear to give you more leg coverage.

The best ones offer a sleek, smooth design with minimal constriction. They also have a high-waisted design that
allows you to streamline your legs and lift your bum for a flattering look you will never tire.

These are also a good option to
protect your favorite dress or skirt from heat rash that can occur when your thighs rub together. They’re made of moisture-wicking fabric and
are available in many different colors to match your wardrobe.

What are the Best Anti-Chafing Slip Shorts?

Undersummers offers a wide selection of anti-chafing slip shorts in many different sizes to fit most body types. These are especially beneficial to those who cycle, walk or do other strenuous activity that can cause thigh chafing.

They come in a range of colors, sizes and styles from biker shorts to swimwear and lingerie. They even have underwear built in to make them even more convenient!

They are a great choice for those who like the look of skirts, but don’t want the pain of chafing.

They are also great for those who have sensitive skin and need extra protection from sweat and odors. You can find anti-chafing slip shorts
for every budget, so you’re sure to find a pair that is right for you.