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How to Keep Your Shorts From Riding Up

Step Up Your Wardrobe Game: How to Keep Shorts From Riding Up

Step Up Your Wardrobe Game: How to Keep Shorts From Riding Up

Warmer weather means just one thing: time to bust out those shorts! But for some of us, wearing shorts can be a challenge. Whether it's the dreaded shorts riding up or the inner seam rubbing against our thighs, a few wardrobe malfunctions can make wearing shorts a less-than-pleasant experience. 

Fear not - in this blog post, we will share tips and tricks to help you step up your wardrobe game and keep your shorts from riding up and causing issues.

Why Do My Shorts Ride Up?

There are a few reasons why shorts slip up and become uncomfortable. One primary cause is the type and fit of your shorts. When hunting for your perfect pair, you must pick shorts that fit your body well and are made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton or spandex.

Quality issues can also create the shorts-riding-up problem. Clothes with poor stitching may eventually loosen their hold when coupled with movement and gravity, tugging on certain areas of your outfit and riding up or down depending on your activity.

Whatever the reason it’s happening, here are some ways to prevent your shorts from riding.

How To Prevent Shorts From Riding Up

Check The Fit of Your Shorts

To prevent your shorts from riding up, make sure your shorts fit properly. If your shorts are too small, they will likely ride up, so make sure you have enough fabric to cover your thighs. Conversely, if your shorts are too loose, they may ride up as you move around. Look for shorts that fit snugly around your waist and hips but still have enough room in the crotch area to allow for movement.

Use Fabric Paste

For those who struggle with shorts riding up, fabric paste can be a lifesaver. This product is designed to keep thinner fabrics in place and can be applied to the inside hem of your shorts to help prevent them from bunching up. Just choose a paste that won't irritate your skin or stain your shorts.

Look For Longer Styles

Consider longer styles if shorts riding up is a common problem in your life. While shorter shorts may be on-trend, longer styles can provide more coverage and may be less likely to ride up. Look for shorts that hit the inner thigh or lower, and pay attention to the inside hem to ensure they're not too tight. 

Try Polyester Boning

For those who want to take things to the next level, consider adding polyester boning to the inside of your shorts. This lightweight material is designed to provide structure and support and can help keep your shorts in place. However, be mindful that this may require some DIY skills and may not be suitable for all shorts.

Choose Styles, Like Bike Shorts, That Don’t Ride

If you're looking for a more secure fit, consider bike shorts like the best-selling ones from Undersummers. These shorts are made from stretchy materials and are designed to fit snugly against your skin. Not only will this help prevent your shorts from riding up, but it can also help reduce chafing and discomfort.

Try Clear Silicone Caulk

Finally, another option for people who struggle with shorts riding up is to use clear silicone caulk. The silicone strip can seal any gaps between the fabric and your skin, helping keep your shorts in place even when you move around. Just make sure to apply the caulk sparingly, as too much can cause chafing and discomfort.

Final Thoughts on The Ride-Up Shorts Dilemma

Wearing shorts doesn't have to be a nightmare. By choosing the right pair, checking the fit, and using a few key tricks and tips, you can keep your shorts from riding up and enjoy the Spring, Fall, and Summer weather in style. So go ahead, show off those thighs, and embrace your inner fashionista!

If you’re looking for the perfect undergarment to wear under your shorts, Undersummers carries several collections of anti-chafing slip shorts and moisture-wicking underwear that don’t ride up and don't need sewing or sticky silicone to keep you looking cute and feeling comfortable in your favorite pair of shorts.

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