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 What To Wear Under Short Dresses

What To Wear Under Short Dresses

What To Wear Under Short Dresses

We’ve all been there. We’ve got a cute date; we’re ready for a girls' night; we want to wear that summer dress for the first time this season. You go to your closet, open the doors, and there it is! Gosh, it’s a cute one… but is it too short? You start to ask yourself, “Can I really pull this off?” At Undersummers, we’re here to tell you, yes, you can! 

Feeling confident in a short dress can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. Short dresses are tricky and oftentimes intimidating. They can make us feel vulnerable like we’re showing too much. But everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. Everyone deserves that “runway” moment. 

To help you feel your best in that short mini-dress, and yes, we said mini, here are our top six style secrets to help you feel cute, confident, and fearless.

Top 6 Ways to Wear A Short Dress With Confidence 

Wear Opaque Tights Or Leggings Underneath

One of the best tips to help you feel more comfortable and confident in a short dress is to wear opaque tights or leggings underneath. This not only adds an extra layer of warmth but also helps you balance out the proportions of your outfit.

Now you might be thinking, do tights and leggings really “go” with a dress? And the answer is yes! Tights and leggings are not only comfortable but also fashionable and can be worn with a variety of different dress styles. If you want some coverage but want it to go unnoticed, try opaque nude tights that make you look like you’re wearing nothing at all. If you’re feeling more fashion-forward, try something colorful to spice up your look. Wanting something classic? Black leggings will do the trick. See here for more ways on how to style leggings. Whatever the outfit vibe, feel totally covered in a short dress by adding a pair of opaque tights or leggings to your wardrobe.

Consider Slip Shorts from Undersummers

Thoughtfully designed with a seamless inner thigh and a stay-put leg for long-lasting comfort, these shortlettes (or slip shorts) will take the pains out of wearing dresses, period. So many women decide not to wear a short dress or skirt because they can't get the same comfort they get with pants. Don't let comfort be the reason when it doesn't have to be. Pair your dress with moisture-wicking underwear that gives you comfort and inspires confidence without the squeezing, pinching, and rubbing some dresses give.

Pair Your Short Dress With Thigh-High Boots

Thigh-high boots are a stylish and practical way to wear a mini skirt in cooler weather. They not only add extra coverage and keep you warm but also elongate your legs, making them look sky-high offering a flattering and chic look. Whether you prefer flat or heeled boots, choose a pair that complements your dress and adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Layer Your Short Dress With A Cardigan, Blazer Or Jacket

If you're worried about feeling too exposed in your short dress, layering it with a blazer or jacket is an easy way to balance the overall look with structured coverage. Choose one that fits you well, in a neutral color that complements your dress and skin tone, and get ready to look sexy AND polished. If you’re wanting a more casual look, choose a comfy cardigan. For extra style, choose a cardigan with fabric details or a funky pattern. If you don't want to take away from your dress, choose a natural-toned or black cardigan. See here for tips on how to style your cardigan. Whatever you choose - a cardigan or blazer - this is an excellent option for work or other professional settings where you want to dress modestly but still look fashionable in a short dress.

Style Your Short Dress With Bike Shorts 

If you're looking for a more comfortable way to wear a short dress, consider wearing biker shorts under your clothing. This is a great option for outdoor activities, such as picnics or music festivals, where you want to feel relaxed but still look cute. Choose a pair of moisture-wicking shorts in a coordinating color with your dress, and you'll be ready to play for a fun day in the sun.

Choose An A-Line Or Flowy Short Dress

If you're still feeling hesitant about wearing a dress at all, consider styles that are the most flattering. Choosing an A-line or flowy style will allow you to take baby steps towards short-dress confidence. A-line and flowy dresses tend to have a more forgiving fit and are less revealing than bodycon or tight-fitting styles. Plus, they're perfect for twirling and dancing, making them a great option for parties and special occasions.

woman wearing short yellow dress


If Your Dress Feels Too Short, Add Some Length

If the skirt or dress is too short, but you still want to wear it, you can always hand stitch or sew some extra fabric to the hem. If you want a quicker solution, our long and colorful Undersummers anti-chafing shorts can supply a cute peekaboo look to any too-short dress.

Final Words

No one should shy away from wearing outfits. Still, many women feel intimated by specific items like short dresses and skirts. To help you feel confident in those mini-skirts and cocktail dresses, try some of our styling tips on how to feel your best while wearing a short dress, and consider some of our Undersummers products - a clothing line designed to help every woman feel fabulous.


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Meet our founder: CarrieRae

Undersummers Shortlettes were created CarrieRae's personal need for comfortable thigh protection when she was working as a teacher. In 2011, her thick thighs rubbed and she needed a comfortable solution.  Pants are blazing hot in the Houston spring/summer months, shorts are not acceptable to wear to work, so she was left with capris and dresses.  Her thighs did not support wearing dresses, thigh chafing was too uncomfortable.  The idea of wearing a breezy dress sounded so comfortable to her, that she created the solution to her problem:  The Original Lace Shortlette®️. She wanted something to wear that was a single layer, the legs stayed put, comfy, and most importantly, pretty.

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