The Anti Thigh Chafing Short Story

The Anti Thigh Chafing Short Story

The Anti Thigh Chafing Short Story

I was recently asked to speak to a group of entrepreneurs about my Undersummers story and offer a nugget of wisdom to pass along.

A little bit about me. I am CarrieRae Munson, the founder and creator of Undersummers. I created a product that on the surface level, appears to be similar to Sara Blakely's SPANX; however I want to be clear, Undersummers Shortlettes are nothing like SPANX or shape wear. To be compared to Sara Blakely would be an honor, one day. I'll add that to my achievable dreams list. 😉

I am originally from Minnesota. I have my BA from U of MN and MS degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I happily worked as a Speech Pathologist for 15 years in a variety of pediatric settings with a specialty in serving children with Autism. I created the Undersummers Shortlette anti chafing short while I was working as a SLP, newish to the Houston, TX climate I wanted a cooler feeling professional wardrobe. I needed to be mobile on the floor, tiny chairs, & on the playground, but professional enough to sit with parents and in administration meetings.  Dresses were the overwhelming answer with one caveat: thigh rub. 

Are you ready to get a little uncomfortable?

If you aren't familiar with thigh chafe, it is terribly uncomfortable feeling much like sunburn between your thighs which causes sores, bleeding, rashes, and other issues with related uncomfortable feelings. This is not a size problem, it is genuinely a thigh problem when thighs rub together. Women are naturally predisposed to this issue and it is apparent in my sizing. I sell Shortlettes sized small to 5X, and women on both ends of the spectrum want us to expand our sizing.

In 2011, I created my first anti thigh chafing shorts. I was frustrated that I couldn't find a product on the market that stayed put, or didn't roll up my legs and was an anti thigh rub short. I wanted something comfortable, soft, and pretty. A slip short that felt like second skin. I wanted it to be anti thigh chafing underwear. I created the Shortlette after months of trial and error, many YouTube videos learning to sew, and dozens of fabric swatches. I knew I had a success when one day a friend asked me if she could have a of my anti chaf shorts. I did not have any extra's made, so I stood in my driveway, slipped off my Shortlettes and gave her mine.

I worked hard, hard to the point of exhaustion. I was essentially a single mom at the time (my ex-husband, husband at the time was working & living in Kazakhstan). I was home in Houston raising the boys, working as a SLP, starting Undersummers ( sewing in my garage & learning everything I could about running a company)and flipping residential homes and managing the properties. I am a doer, problem solver, and a fixer. At that time, I was not a sleeper. 

If you are an entrepreneur or know one, this is normal behavior for us. We have a million ideas (not all good), seemingly endless energy, and a desire to accomplish anything and everything.

My patented designs with a seamless inner thigh shorts are the perfect anti chafing short for women to wear under dresses and skirts.  They are available world wide including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  Our anti rub shorts and plus size anti chafing shorts are the best chub rub shorts available on the market.





Meet our founder: CarrieRae

Undersummers Shortlettes were created CarrieRae's personal need for comfortable thigh protection when she was working as a teacher. In 2011, her thick thighs rubbed and she needed a comfortable solution.  Pants are blazing hot in the Houston spring/summer months, shorts are not acceptable to wear to work, so she was left with capris and dresses.  Her thighs did not support wearing dresses, thigh chafing was too uncomfortable.  The idea of wearing a breezy dress sounded so comfortable to her, that she created the solution to her problem:  The Original Lace Shortlette®️. She wanted something to wear that was a single layer, the legs stayed put, comfy, and most importantly, pretty.

CarrieRae Munson