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The Best Slip Shorts for Anti Chafing & How They Came To Be - Undersummers by CarrieRae

The Best Slip Shorts for Anti Chafing & How They Came To Be

The Best Slip Shorts for Anti Chafing & How They Came To Be


In 2011, Undersummers started with an idea.  CarrieRae Munson, our founder, was working as a Speech Language Pathologist in her local school district.  There were no good anti thigh chafing solutions on the market which had a stay put leg and were cute enough to show.  She tried balms, creams, powders, shape wear, cut off nylons, and biker shorts.  None of these solutions were the feminine thigh saving solution she wanted. 

With YouTube videos and as sewing machine, CarrieRae, designed her first Shortlettes.  After 6 months of trial and error designed, she had a beautiful stay put chafe free short design with the squeeze of shape wear.  In the beginning, CarrieRae was hand sewing all the Shortlette Slip Shorts in her home!

The Original Lace Shortlette Slip Short was completed and luxuriously feminine with lots and lots of lace details.


The Lace Shortlette was a design success with the seamless inner thigh, long 9" inseam, and beautiful luxurious laces.  With the basic fit of the Lace Shortlette we designed the Classic Shortlette thigh shorts for under dresses.  This chub rub design features our seamless inner thigh, stay put leg, and beautiful front details.  Silky soft fabrics with moisture wicking & cooling stretch fabric.  CarrieRae enlisted the help of a few women to cut and sew Undersummers Shortlettes at her home.  She quickly turned her garage into a small factory. The Classic Shortlette has become our #1 best selling Shortlette slip short.  In 2012 we were primarily selling in small boutiques in Texas and Washington.


The Fusion Style Shortlette no chafe shorts were developed.  A beautiful cross between the Classic waistband and leg lace of the Lace Shortlette.  This no chafe short was made available in two lengths, 7" and 9," to provide women of all heights a solution that stayed put while walking and during activity.  Another big change happened in 2013.  Undersummers expanded sizes into plus sizes small to 4X.  We also veered from our wholesale model to selling direct on our website.


Body Positivity Movement + Undersummers.   We changed our marketing to be size inclusive and natural.  CarrieRae became our first plus size model and continues to model for Undersummers today.   Photoshop edits were reduced and imagery became more natural.  Undersummers production moved to two different USA based factories.  Our tag line was "Got Chub Rub, We've Got You Covered."


Small businesses and personal lives often are the same.  In 2015, CarrieRae and her husband divorced.  At that time, she decided to make Undersummers her full time career moving all business operations to a small commercial office in Kingwood, Texas USA.  Our tag line was "Thigh Love."


These years were marked with significant growth and new shorts to wear underneath dresses.  Customers took notice and so did other companies.  Brands developed "thigh savers," "thigh society shorts," "chub rub shorts," and anti chafing balms and creams specifically designed for thigh chafe.

Our loyal fans requested shorts to wear under dresses with pockets and a cotton version of our best selling styles.  We were very excited to roll out the pockets version with a pocket in the waistband.  It was specifically designed for women with insulin pumps so they would have a secure place to keep their pump without having to wear extra gear to keep it in place.    One happy customer wrote, " Thank you CarrieRae for making some with pockets and featuring women with an insulin pump.  This means so much to this 45 year old type one diabetic.  I'm crying right now!"  Anonymous 2020



2020 marked the change of the world with COVID and the world wide shut down which occurred.  While companies were jumping on the eCommerce bandwagon, Undersummers struggled with decreased demand for our Shortlettes.  Our very loyal customer base kept us afloat realizing that Shortlettes make the best underwear for sleeping and lounging!  The women's boxer brief aka the Shortlette. 

This year was a year of business changes.  While Undersummers was slow, CarrieRae and her husband, GySgt Jeff Shilanski, USMC/Retired, launched a non-profit to help Veterans and First Responders to prevent suicide.  FOB Rasor, Veteran and First Responder Peer Support provides mentoring for  PTSD, drug and alcohol addiction, and other mental health issues. Learn more about FOB Rasor here.   


With CarrieRae's new focus, she launched Outstanding DNA apparel.  She brought her successes with exceptionally comfortable, performance underwear to men.


As the world came out of the COVID den with new designs and doing what we do best.  We brought lounge basics with a seamless inner thigh legging, mix and match tops, and pajamas. 


New shorts for dresses with pockets and leg lace.  New colors and prints including leopard and dots.  New Lux Cotton Styles designed and made in the USA.  Undersummers continued their mission to produce high quality, thoughtfully designed thigh protection shorts with new features and styles.


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Meet our founder: CarrieRae

Undersummers Shortlettes were created CarrieRae's personal need for comfortable thigh protection when she was working as a teacher. In 2011, her thick thighs rubbed and she needed a comfortable solution.  Pants are blazing hot in the Houston spring/summer months, shorts are not acceptable to wear to work, so she was left with capris and dresses.  Her thighs did not support wearing dresses, thigh chafing was too uncomfortable.  The idea of wearing a breezy dress sounded so comfortable to her, that she created the solution to her problem:  The Original Lace Shortlette®️. She wanted something to wear that was a single layer, the legs stayed put, comfy, and most importantly, pretty.

CarrieRae Munson