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The Perfect Fit: Shorts for Women With Big Thighs

The Perfect Fit: Shorts for Women With Big Thighs

Women with big thighs often face a unique challenge when finding the perfect pair of shorts. While most clothing brands offer a wide range of sizes and styles, finding shorts that fit comfortably around larger thighs can be difficult. Ill-fitting, shorts for thick thighs can lead to discomfort, irritation, and self-consciousness, detracting from the enjoyment of warm-weather activities. Women of all body types need to find shorts that fit comfortably and flatter their figure, allowing them to feel confident and comfortable in any situation. This article will discuss tips for finding the perfect shorts for women with big thighs, including understanding your body type, choosing the right shorts, and styling tips for your specific body type.

Understanding Your Body Type

Understanding your body type is essential in finding the perfect shorts for women with big thighs. There are flattering shorts for several different body types, including apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle, and inverted triangle. It’s important to take accurate body measurements to determine your category.

To measure your body correctly, use a measuring tape and measure the following:

  • Bust: Enfold the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust, ensuring it is level at the back.
  • Waist: To measure your waist size, wrap the measuring tape around the narrowest point of your waist, typically located just above the belly button.
  • Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks.

Once you have your measurements, you can determine your body type. For example, if your hips are wider than your bust, and you carry weight in your thighs and hips, you may have a pear-shaped body type.

Regardless of your body type, accepting and embracing your body is essential. No body type is better than another, and every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful. Understanding your body type can help you choose clothes that flatter your figure, but it should never be a source of shame or insecurity. Embrace your body type, and focus on finding clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.

Choosing the Right Shorts

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When choosing the right shorts for women with big thighs, there are several factors to consider, including the shorts’ length, style, and material.

  1. Length: Choose a length that flatters your body type. If you have larger thighs, longer shorts that hit mid-thigh or just above the knee can be more flattering.
  2. Style: Look for shorts with a wider leg opening or a relaxed fit, which can help prevent the shorts from riding up or becoming too tight around your thighs. Avoid shorts with a tapered leg or a narrow opening, as they can emphasize the size of your thighs.
  3. Material: Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, as they can help keep you cool and comfortable in warm weather. Avoid materials that are too thick or heavy, as they can add bulk to your thighs. Avoid denim shorts that are too tight or restrictive, as they can cause discomfort and irritation. 

When choosing shorts or pants that complement your body type, it's important to remember that everyone's body is unique. Try on different styles of shorts and experiment with different lengths and fits until you find a pair that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Styling Tips

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Styling shorts for women with big thighs can be fun and creative. Here are some tips to help you style your shorts in a way that flatters your body type:

Finding a style that complements your body type and balances out your proportions is important. Here are some tips for choosing the right top to wear with your shorts:

  1. Longer shorts: If you're wearing longer shorts that hit just above the knee or mid-thigh, pair them with a fitted tank top or crop top to show off your waistline. This will create a flattering hourglass silhouette and balance out the proportions of your body.
  2. Shorter shorts: If you're wearing shorter shorts that expose more of your thighs, consider a looser, flowy top that falls just below the waistline. This will create a more balanced silhouette and prevent your outfit from looking too revealing.

When it comes to shoes, you have many options when wearing shorts. Here are some tips for choosing the right shoes to wear with your shorts:

  1. Dressier look: Pair your shorts with heeled sandals or wedges to create a dressier look. These shoes will elongate your legs and create a more sophisticated look.
  2. More casual look: Sneakers or flat sandals can work well if you're going for a more casual look. These shoes are comfortable and practical, and they can add a sporty or laid-back vibe to your outfit.

When it comes to accessories and fashion, adding a statement necklace or a pair of sunglasses can complete your look and add personality to your outfit. Remember to do it with a few accessories. Otherwise, it can overwhelm your outfit and make it look cluttered. Choose a statement piece that complements your outfit and adds visual interest.

Here are some celebrity looks that you can emulate for inspiration:

  1. Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez is known for her curves and often wears high-waisted shorts that accentuate her waistline. Pair high-waisted shorts with a crop top and heeled sandals for a dressy look.
  2. Beyoncé: Beyoncé often wears longer shorts that hit just above the knee. Pair longer shorts with a flowy top and flat sandals for a comfortable and stylish outfit.
  3. Ashley Graham: Ashley Graham often wears shorts with a wider leg opening, which can be more flattering for women with thicker thighs. Pair wider-leg shorts with a fitted top and heeled sandals for a dressy look or sneakers for a more casual outfit.


When shopping for shorts, bigger-thighed women should look for styles best shorts that provide extra space in the thigh area and have comfortable seams and waists. High-waisted options are perfect for providing coverage, while biker shorts and athletic styles can be flattering and comfy. Dark washes can often be more flattering than light colors. Finally, don’t forget to try on different styles to find the perfect fit. With patience, you’ll find a pair of stylish and comfortable shorts.

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Undersummers caters to all body types, including maternity, and our comprehensive size chart offers precise measurements to ensure an impeccable fit. Explore our collections today and find the perfect underwear to accompany your favorite pair of shorts.

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