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Why Shapewear is Not a Great Thigh-Chafe Solution

Why Shapewear is Not a Great Thigh-Chafe Solution

Thigh chafing is a very common thigh-related skin problem. It occurs when the bare skin rubs together causing friction which damages the skin. Thigh chafing may look like red, blister-like lesions, or a sunburn which burns. 

While thigh chafing is a common condition often caused by humidity and working out, it also can occur when wearing shorts or dresses.  You don’t want thigh chafing to stop you from doing your favorite activities or enjoying special occasions.

Contrary to popular belief, shapewear is not the best solution for thigh chafing. 

Common issues from shapewear such as SPANX or other shapewear brands can include skin reactions or skin irritation.  Your skin can become chafed or turn red and itchy.  The exact issue we are trying to stop.

Shapewear is meant to be tight but if it is too tight it can constrict circulation to the lower legs, especially if too tight in the hips.  This can result in tingling sensations or numbness.  It can also result in increased swelling in the legs.

Shape wear has also been known to cause digestive issues.  Wearing shapewear for long periods of time can squeeze the digestive track which can create acid reflux or heart burn.  It can also cause gassiness or bloating because the air has trouble escaping.   According to Dr. Wakim-Fleming, women in their 50s are at risk for pelvic organ prolapse because of increased pressure to the inside of the belly.  Another significant risk of wearing too tight shapewear garments for long periods of time. 


At Undersummers, we suggest ordering Shortlette Anti Thigh Chafing Slipshorts according to our size chart for the best fit and performance.  Shortlettes are not meant to be tight in any way.  If you have bulging or marks in the thigh, they are too small and you should size up.  Tighter legs does not offer a better more secure fit, rather it runs the risk of riding up the legs.   Shortlette slipshorts are meant to be a comfortable, all day & night solution for thigh chafing, without the risks associated with shapewear.