CarrieRae is the owner and creator of Undersummers by CarrieRae. She created the Shortlette Slipshort out of her own need for comfortable rash protection under skirts and dresses (especially in the hot and humid Houston summers). The Shortlette was created as the result of being tired of cutting off pantyhose, wearing bulky bike shorts, and yoga pants under dresses and skirts. Even more, CarrieRae despised ill-fitting shape wear. She desperately wanted a cute and comfortable solution to wear under dresses and skirts that wasn’t a “bloomer or granny panty”. This lead to the creation of the Undersummers Shortlette Slip-short, made to wear "Under Summer" dresses and skirts (and even shorts and pants!).
Undersummers Shortlettes are made for all-year-round comfort.  They are cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.  Perfect to wear under casual and formal dresses, holiday attire, pants, and the best is just lounging around!
CarrieRae LLC was established in 2011 in Houston, TX.  Undersummers by CarrieRae products are manufactured in Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA. Their focus is amazing products that women want to wear.   The photo shoots are primarily with CarrieRae and are minimally Photo-shopped.


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Please Note:

While the vast majority of customers report back that Undersummers Shortlettes have been an amazing find, we understand they may not work for every individual. Fit is subjective, due to differences in height, body type, and even personal preferences. We have a size chart to use as a guideline, which most find works well for finding the right size.

With individuality in mind, we have implemented a fantastic exchange/return policy so you can be confident in trying Undersummers to see if they are great for you. Please understand that while we have a very flexible return policy, because of the personal nature of our product, we can not accept returns/exchanges of worn Shortlettes.

Check out our Fit FAQs for more information, or email us at info@undersummers.com with any questions, concerns, or requests for exchanges/returns.