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Navigating Comfort: Should You Wear Underwear Under Leggings?

Navigating Comfort: Should You Wear Underwear Under Leggings?

In the ever-evolving fashion world, leggings have evolved into a wardrobe essential for so many women worldwide. As we navigate the intersection of style and comfort, a recurring question surfaces—should you wear underwear beneath your leggings? 

Let’s explore, shall we? In this in-depth guide, we’ll talk about the factors that influence this commando or coverage decision, providing insights to empower your choice and enhance your overall comfort. 

The Comfort of Choice: Do You Wear Underwear With Leggings?

Deciding whether or not to wear underwear is a personal choice shaped by diverse variables - comfort, hygiene, and personal preferences. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the pros and cons of each stance:

Pros of Wearing Underwear Underneath Clothing

Hygiene and Cleanliness:

  • Maintaining hygiene is key in shared spaces like gyms or other bustling environments like the train station. Wearing underwear provides an extra layer of comfort and cleanliness.

Personal Comfort:

  • Underwear equals security to a lot of women. With underwear underneath your leggings or other clothing, you can experience underwear's familiarity and support, enhancing overall comfort and confidence during various activities.

Pros of Going Commando:


  • Without that extra fabric, you can enjoy increased breathability, a choice particularly beneficial during workouts or in warmer weather.

Elimination of Panty Lines:

  • Achieve a seamless and sleek appearance with no visible panty lines, perfect for those who prioritize a polished look.

The pros of each decision listed above won’t be shared pros depending on your preferences. But a common con that both underwear-loving and pro-commandos can agree on is the unsightly camel toe that underwear or no underwear can cause.

If you opt for more fabric, you risk having more fabric to bunch in that area. On the other hand, without properly fitting underwear or a strategic style underneath leggings, going commando can also lead to a camel toe, not having that extra fabric to steer you clear of unwanted lines.

Check out this blog for tips and tricks on how to avoid camel toeing in leggings.

As we’ve now covered the pros and cons, it’s time to navigate your comfort zone. Whether you prioritize hygiene, breathability, or a seamless silhouette, choosing between wearing underwear and going commando should align with your unique lifestyle and preferences.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, simply consider the circumstances. Evaluate where and how you wear leggings. If hygiene is paramount, opting for underwear might be the preferred choice. Conversely, if a seamless appearance is crucial to you, why mess that up? Take them off!

If you’re still in between wanting security and being free, consider a middle-ground solution. 

Introducing The Undersummers Slip Short Solution

For those seeking a compromise, explore options like moisture-wicking slip shorts from Undersummers or our best-selling seamless women’s boxer briefs. These alternatives offer a balance of comfort and coverage without compromising style.

The Bottom Line on Underwear Under Leggings

The decision to wear or not to wear underwear beneath leggings is yours to make. Embrace your unique preferences and let comfort and confidence guide your choices. 

Leggings are not just a fashion statement; they can reflect how you feel in your own skin. Whatever you choose, wear leggings and your choice with pride and exude confidence—because that's the ultimate fashion statement.

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